Raindance in Sonoma: Lotus 27 in the Wet

For those of us spoiled by sunny California weather, the Sonoma Historic Motorsport Festival provided a glimpse of racing in less predictable conditions. Dry qualifying on Friday was followed by heavy rain Saturday morning that tapered off but continued off and on into Sunday. Steve Earle went to Plan B, with a change in the schedule that had all groups practicing on Saturday and all groups racing on Sunday. It worked out well, and by the time racing began on Sunday the racing line was mostly dry. Driving the Lotus 27 in the dry we qualified third on Friday and finished third on Sunday, after a race-long dice with Doug “Rain-Meister” Mockett. There’s no question the outcome of the dice would have been different if the race had been on Saturday!

Photograph: Kyle Burt (kyleburtphoto.com)

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