Adventures in Monaco May 12th 2008

Photograph courtesy of Allan Rosenberg.

The Grand Prix Historique de Monaco is a crown jewel for vintage racing. With grand prix racing going back to 1929, the venue is unsurpassed in depth of history, and the pageantry, friendly ambience, challenging circuit and spectacular surroundings all contribute to make the event nothing less than fantastic.

This year was no exception, with Chris’ niece Rebecca and her husband Greg joining us, sightseeing and side trips, gatherings with many friends, close racing in all groups and spectacular wins by Americans Duncan Dayton and Paul Edwards, and an (as usual) over the top Award Dinner on Sunday night.

The splendor, excitement and camaraderie is more than enough to offset a little disappointment, such as Chris’ gearbox failure that prematurely ended his race on Sunday. The Lotus 77 will be back in action for the Silverstone Classic in July, however, and Chris hopes to return to Monaco for the Grand Prix Historique in 2010.

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